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Income Tax Track

Students will discuss the issues related to corporate income tax, including formulary apportionment and the definition of a unitary business. Instructors will review federal and state differences, compliance issues, and collection procedures.  The Income Tax Track is divided into two sections: Comprehensive Income Tax for those familiar with general tax and accounting concepts but are relatively new to the field of state and local income taxation and Advanced Income Tax for those individuals with four or more years of experience in this area and a familiarity with the key concepts.

Classes utilize the readings, lectures, case study method, hands-on exercises, and discussions, and feature nationally known scholars, tax administrators, and private practitioners as instructors.  Our instructors are experts on a wide range of tax issues and are accessible both in the classroom and on an informal basis throughout the 4 days to discuss students' questions.  Some out-of-class preparation may be expected. Both tracks follow the same outline.

  • Limits on the States' Powers to Tax
  • Nexus
  • The Tax Base
  • Unitary Theory
  • Allocation and Apportionment
  • The Combined Report
  • Managing State Audits

Principal faculty members will be Eric Coffill, Partner, Morrison and Foerster, LLP; Bruce Daigh, Metro Regional Tax Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP; Benjamin Miller, Counsel, California Franchise Tax Board; and Kenneth Turner, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP.  Kathryn M. Jacques State Tax Spacialist, Hamilton Accountancy Corp. covers partnerships/S corporations.

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